Fishing the Kenai Peninsula: Epic Summer 2017 Highlight “Reel”

They say… “fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it.”

And after spending a full summer on the Kenai Peninsula fishing, I can attest to that.

Through my experiences of learning to fish the famous Kenai and Kasilof Rivers myself in 2016 and 2017, I was able to share my knowledge with people from all over the world, helping them hook and land salmon and rainbow trout.

Although I remember leaving at the end of the summer feeling exhausted from such an amazing opportunity to work and adventure, my first full summer in Alaska will be one that I always remember.

From fly fishing and bait fishing, and hiking, to yoga, nightly fires, and reggae music, I was able to live the dream life for a short time. (Hopefully not the last time).

As you watch this short video clip, you will be able to relive some of my favorite moments of this season of my life.

If this video pumps you up as much as it does me, I have AK fishing connections for you up the wazoo. Fill out my contact form and I will get you in touch with some of my favorite AK fishy peeps!

Also be sure to drop a comment with your favorite place to fish or your favorite fishing trip! Can’t wait to hear your stories!
**Music by Unified Highway: “My Space”


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