Goodbye Netflix, welcome back Blockbuster (what will really happen without net neutrality)

This morning I woke up, had a glass of ice water, greens, and apple cider vinegar as I hopped on Audible and listened to one of my favorite books of all time — A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. I love Audible because it gives me an opportunity to eat breakfast and get ready for the day all while putting encouraging words in my brain to start off the day.

Then I moved over to my computer, hopped on the internet and responded to interactions on WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I then hopped on Pinterest and found a recipe that I plan to make for dinner this evening.

I made a quick stop on Amazon to pick out a Christmas present for someone special.

I also made an effort to spend 30 minutes doing my favorite BohoBeautiful pilates workout on YouTube.

I headed toward the office, opened up Spotify turned on Lindsay Stirling radio, took a few minutes to check gmail, and finally hopped on Medium to read and interact with other writers.

Before I began writing this post, I picked up my iPhone and noticed Snapchat notifications from “Mom”, my cousin “Becky”, and my old roommate/friend “Cora”.

Without net neutrality, my morning would have looked a lot less productive.

You see, the internet is how I interact with family, friends, and followers.

The internet is how I run my business and how I make money.

The internet allows me to research, learn, work out, and find healthy recipes, stream awesome music, and download inspiring audiobooks.

Now, I know there was once a time where people thrived without the internet. But I urge you to consider how inconvenient a life without “free internet” would be. And the reason I’m telling you about this is, TOMORROW — Wednesday, December, 13, 2017 — Legislation is voting on a bill that could end net neutrality or “free internet”.

What is net neutrality? I’ll give you the dumbed down version… Without net neutrality, service providers can charge you a fee EVERY SINGLE TIME you use an app or website of their choosing. Internet prices per month are already crazy as is, but imagine being charged per minute or per view of a specific website or app. That sounds miserable, right?

Abolishing net neutrality is not a matter of being right or left winged. It’s not a matter of being republican or democrat. It’s not a matter of being conservative or liberal.

Abolishing net neutrality will negatively affect EVERYONE besides service providers, who currently provide us with internet and cell phone services.

Have I scared you yet?

Legislation is currently in favor 3–2 for passing the bill. TOMORROW.

As a writer and a small business owner, I rely on the internet to make money, therefore I am super passionate about informing others about what lies at stake after tomorrow.


Here’s what you can do (takes less than a minute).

1. Go to

2. Click on the 17–108 link (Restoring Internet Freedom)

3. Click on “express”

4. Be sure to hit “Return” after you put your name in the first box. Then after you put in your name and information, hit “review confirmation” and at the end of that page “submit”. You will be done when you see a receipt for your registration.

5. In the comment section write “I strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.”

6. Click to submit, done. — Make sure you hit submit at the end!

Also, there have been numerous people who had false comments submitted under their names in the support of abolishing net neutrality. Please take the time to search your name and ensure someone hasn’t abused your right to be heard. Click this link to be sure you haven’t been misrepresented.

If you’re anything like me, I am sure you will want more information. I have found a couple easy to understand videos on YouTube for you to watch.

Net neutrality and why it matters

The Internet’s future without net neutrality

Net neutrality explained

Take this seriously. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is actually happening and the bill will be voted on December 13, 2017.

Please respond with any other ideas you have that could help save net neutrality.

Until Next Time,



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