Alone, 10 miles out of town, no cell service, and stuck in a snowbank: here’s what I did

In first gear, I gently toed the gas pedal...the wheels spun and dug deeper into the wet snow underneath my Mistubishi Endeaver. In a bit of a panic, I quickly kicked it in reverse. Drive. Reverse. Drive. Reverse...the wheels spun again. We were 10 miles in on an unpaved road with no cell service. Two... Continue Reading →


My life is a worn out pair of boots

Saturday morning, I woke up and went about my usual morning routine: eat breakfast, clean up, and get dressed for the day. I worked (with lots of effort) to fit my winter-grade wool socks into my favorite pair of old, weathered cowgirl boots. Fingers in pull-straps, I pulled and wiggled my heel as my foot... Continue Reading →

Saving the ecosystem by swimming to demise: why you should be intrigued by the life cycle of salmon

Growing up, I’d flip through my old man’s large stack of outdoor magazines. Inside these magazines were collections of photos and articles from people describing all things outdoors. I remember looking at high end firearms, “How to Reload” articles, photos of beautiful whitetail deer, mule deer and mountain wapiti. I remember seeing monster brown trout... Continue Reading →

I’m a quitter and I’m proud of it

I’m a QUITTER, and I’m proud of it I was told my whole life NOBODY LIKES A QUITTER. By my family. By my friends. By my coaches. By my professors. By my bosses. By my military leaders. And not surprisingly, by a laundry list of other people. I’m gonna go ahead and disagree with all the above listed people, and show you why being a... Continue Reading →

Super Simple Deer Steak Roast

It's almost winter, and we all know what that means.... CROCK POT RECIPE MADNESS! I'm a firm believer that you can never have enough crock pot recipes under your belt. So I'm here to deliver a really s  that will knock your socks off, and impress the whole family! Ingredients: 2 pounds thawed deer steak (or... Continue Reading →

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